Friday, April 16, 2010


Our actions define our evolution and progression through life. What we are doing RIGHT NOW is the only thing that matters. What have YOU decided today? What actions have you taken to follow through with those actions? What are you doing RIGHT NOW about it? What is your motivation? Is it toward something good or away from something bad? These are the things that matter. And past this, there is the question of those around you. What have you done for your brother today? Not your blood but your fellow human being. What have you done for your mother? Not the literal womb, but the all-encompassing womb of the planet on which you reside. What about your father? Have you thanked the stars lately for providing light and proof there is more than just one planet roaming the heavens? How many times do we ask for ourselves to be blessed instead of the man next to us? Personal evolution is the only way to be selfish altruistically. Love and help yourself by loving and helping everyone around you. They are all subjective projections of your subconscious designed for your particular reality anyways, so why not show yourself the love you deserve by giving it to those who grace your path and show you a new side of yourself. This is why diversity should be celebrated and not repressed. We are all one family, no divisions, so why not celebrate the new branches and numerous reaching out of the family tree? A tree survives in it's ability to capture and collect water and does this through the extensions of itself that grow through external stimulation and internal pulse of life. Water is life, and like the tree, we too, are trying to gather it to grow. A tree would never willingly grow into the shadow, but must go through the shadow of the trees around it, and through the canopy to reach the light. We are of light, and strive to reach light, and eventually go back to the light. In essence, to evolve, you can't avoid growing through the shadow to achieve the illumination only possible once the canopy above has been broken through.


Josh (a fellow tree)