Thursday, April 22, 2010

Change the World/Change Yourself

For those of you who wish to change the world, I hope you have come to the realization there is only changing yourself. The world is just fine as it is. In fact, it's perfect. How? Because it is imperfect. Imperfection has to be the only perfection as it is the only objective realization that everyone can agree on without ideology. There can be no perfect, as that would leave no room for growth. There must always be room for evolution. Like a river will eddy the drop of water, Life can stall our progress with circles, but like the unwilling drop, our ultimate progression is also guarunteed. Even the stone will find new homes as the sand erodes around it. The stone breaks up and joins the sand till much that has gathered claims it. Energy is never wasted, so any ordeal is only a reminder of where you will eventually get to. Free Will is the choices you make in reaction to the environment around you. Choose your path, but never worry about the path you chose, there is always another fork up ahead. The path you chose does not matter as much as how you feel about your choice. The Dark path serves to train your eyes into night vision and must exist if there is to be Light. Fear will only rise when the unknown that you are facing reminds you of a previously fearful experience, which may, or may not be justified. You may trip in the course of your travels through life, but it's never the stone you see that trips you. Fear has no place in the instinctual mind as the mind is too busy in the finding of solutions. The senses react to their environment, and if vision is gone, something will rise to replace it. Feeling. Felling your environment is a sub-conscious reflex that is mostly ignored by the conscious mind. This function may be over-riden by the steadfast intention of willing participation and the sub-conscious mind will gladly provide the necessary steps in learning the language to facilitate a co-operative creation of one's existence. Since the sub-conscious mind isd simply a reactionary device programmed by repetitive feedback from the conscious mind, it is simply a matter of time and consistency until one will develop the necessary relationship with the sub-conscious to actively participate in the creation of experience. Sadly, our largest and most menacing Threshold Guardians to our inner divinity are those that would profess to have the true path that we are desperately seeking. The concept of an exterior God with stern paternal qualities requiring worship is a myth generated to keep the masses in a fearful and susceptible state of mind. There is NO exterior anything without it being an interior experience first. We are the God that we wish would love us. There is no prayer that is answered without us feeling the answer first. Coincidence is synchronicity in disguise and is the foundation of the language between the conscious mind(Man), and the sub-conscious mind(God). This is a scientific observation that can be reproduced by the willing experimenter. Watch and wait.. React.. Act.. Step back.. Observe results.. Rinse and repeat.. The sub-conscious mind is the accumulation of repetitive thought, so if the conscious mind states repeatedly and consitently it's wish to become a participant in creation experience, the sub-conscious can only react accordingly. The question then becomes, what do I want to experience? Then the next question; what is best for my overall personal growth? This question will always be answered, but it is only through time and practice that the conscious mind will develop the ability to answer itself truly. It is also a guaruntee that evolution will naturally bring us there in time as well. The trick is achieving it consciously with Free Will. Evolution must be a choice if we have the ability to choose already, so make the choice to change the world by fist choosing to change yourself, and then you will see how the world will change around you without needing to do a thing.

Thank you for reading,