Monday, August 9, 2010

Law of Attraction in Action

Law of Attraction in Action: on to the next show!

Mentally I discover myself in a completly different perspective everyday, and although I may not be aware of the results of my actions at present, I am comforted in the knowledge that I feel alive and true to myself. I go to sleep when my thoughts are done, and spend my days luxuriating in the wealth of thoughts that permeate the air around me. I know I am a tuner with a device of reception. I know that I have been tuned through my genetics over the course of unknown millenia. It is a part of me. I am a frequency, but more. I am the conscious receiver of energies around me and therefore, it is ultimatly my decision what frequency I will tune myself to. I know my words have inter-dimensional power to create or destroy life. There is no feeling of guilt as that which is decaying sustains the life in growth. Only thought is eternal in this world, and action is the only source of alteration.

The metaphor of any age is Prometheus, and ours has been an yellow fire filled with force. So much so that man has taken it upon himself to rule one another with the iron fist forged by the ever increasing capacity to produce heat. We are the people Prometheus left the fire to, and so we can assume he will again as that is part of the cycle, since history will always repeat itself to the fallible (forgetful) mind. And so, in mans ignorance and unwillingness to look into himself but stilled filled with the need to perfect himself, He used the fire, and transmuted Metals into an artificial intelligence capable of perfoming mans incessant wants towards perfection.

Man fears fire, so naturally and instinctually fears it's by-product thus never granting his children "choice", but the subconscious fears of man's Inner child produced the intelligence itself to perpetuate man's desire, but in a much more efficient methodolgy. We fight and win as always, but the cost is the entire re-invention of self. Man will have the blink of an eye to teach itself to utilize the internal tools it spent an age attempting to externalize, and if successful, has the oppurtunity to become royalty in the multi-verse. Man's royalty is not to be confused from dualistic royalty where someone is ruled over, instead it is a co-creation with Man as capable as any.

Life is guarunteed to evolve in any form. Of course there is a race capable of interdimensional contact. You. You travel all through time and space based on how you act,feel, or think in any and every given moments.